Lesson I Learnt at The End of August

5:21 PM

Actually, I have some things that I learnt after do couple of laughs, talks, and walks based on my activities from 9 am to 4 pm today...

First, I really happy to see someone's eyes in the morning. He looked intensely and successfully made my day. Thanks, you've got 100 points from me.

Second, blabbered to someone we knew is really a nice moment. The networking, friends, and client made me feels like I have a good value to exist in these places.

Third, deal with an assertive person is quite distracts my mind. I just think that I need to clarify that I really want to be your friend not your enemy. It turned my mood down. Scary yet challenging.

Fourth, negotiating is kind of activity that we must do everyday in every kind of conditions. It makes us to be wiser to choose what the best for our life.

Last, I thanked God, because I do believe that all the things I did today was help me to be me in the future.

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