I Think You Don't Know Your Hidden Magic!

11:27 AM

Suddenly, it warms my heart and I feel like all of my problems disappear. Magic!

Yesterday, I felt lack of energy and all I want was holding someone's else or hugging someone's body that really means to me.
I dunno what to do then... since I have no significant others. So that, it's my job to manage all of my emotions when PMS is coming...alone~

Then, I saw you... My little crush...
I knew I'm late to be included in your shaf (rows) on Maghrib time. But, at least, I can see your face, your eyes, and your little gesture when called my name quietly. It happened when you finished your pray and before I start my turn.
The fact, at that time, I only can say, "Hey~" in a deeply, quietly tone too.

Suddenly, this moment warms my heart and I feel like all of my problems disappear. Magic!
I think you are the magic of mine~ You have mantra to calm me down, but I'm pretty sure you don't know about your talent at -- this secret skill tho~
Because, (maybe) it only affects to me. Idk.

So, in a warm condition, I did my pray solely to ask God and hope God will show the great of du'a.

I came out from musholla, and found you has ready to go out with your friend to enjoy the Friday night!
Yeah, it is your right, and hopefully you got some fun out there, didn't you?

In the meanwhile, my heart got better after saw you, and just okay if you want to have some fun with your gangs, so that I decided to go to the toilet and passed you out.
*entering restroom*
I saw my appearance on the mirror.
I think, everything is going okay, but I realized that there is a piece of small paper be right next to my cheek! Dayummmmmm!
That paper is smiling to me, it is located right on my cheek, Gosh!
It smiled at the moment when you called me several minutes ago,
It smiled when you saw me passed you out.
All those moment are happened with the paper on my cheek and all I can say is,
"I'm just okay. REALLY, I'M JUST O...KAY! :')"
Hasil gambar untuk tissue next to my cheek
Right here... and none tell me it's there... :')
Image Source: Healthtap.com

I only can't repeat the time back, and I had mixed feeling.
The warmest moment turned to be the most shameful moment (for me). lol
I'm giggling... and justttt okayyyy~ haha huhu

The fact, you are the only person that I like at this time and I don't want to look messy or bad or freak when I'm in front of you. I know, I only need to be myself. But I know (too), everyone has intentions to show his/her best version in front of their crush.
Maybe, it is not a real love, but lust!


Aahhh.... God!
This mixed feeling is something!
At that time, I still thanked to You to make it be a nice moment and I'll pretend that he will always like me just the way I am.

I think I've just made a spoof text!LOL
Spoof is a text which tells a factual story, happened in the past time with unpredictable and funny ending.”
I hopefully there's a chance for us to make some conversation and to know each others.
So yeah, you have a hidden magic that (might be) only works for me and I have many weirdo things that (might be) only can be seen by some people.
Thanks for appearing!

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