Too Many To Maintain, and They Said That They Are Busy As an Excuse. You Must Be Realized that You're Not Their Priority, That's All

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Well oh well, busy -- is kind of word when you think you have so many things to do and in a rush to make those things get done. But, I realized, busy is only a paradigm, usually use as an excuse to run from other thing that you don't want to do --and sometimes your schedule is quite tight. Then, I might be said that I'd rather be a productive person, than a busy person.

About a month ago, I really appreciated a person who has an ability to maintain the engine, maintain the rhythm well, and yes, probably he is great one on his field.
Then, after two weeks, I think, it is the time to ask about my assumption about him. (Maybe it is too fast to jump in to this part) Yeah, I conveyed to him that I'm pretty sure he has so many lovers out there.
The aim why do I ask this kind of question to him because I have read his pattern already!
He's often changes his profile picture, got so many interactions by some ladies, and he said he was so busy, all day ~ but he still has some times to update this and that.
Actually, the way he talked to me are good and friendly, but he keeps the conversation short and then away, giving a short greeting and then away. Sometimes he didn't come back to reply the messages but you still can see he has just updated some status thru his timeline.

Again, my assumption is: He demands an existence. It's not wrong, it is his own right.

Basically, he denied the fact about he has so many lovers and denied about the fact of still has a relationship with his girlfriend.
He said that the girl that I thought his GF is not his GF anymore, "She's my ex," he said. Boy, please...
It turned me to make a gap with him and whispered to myself, "Okay, dude, what you gonna do after this? I'll watch it."
I also see so many facts appeared after I told this case to my best friend, Mardyana. The fact came in the right time, and yeah, I don't need an explanation from him directly. Internet said it all, social media said it all, by the way. :p

The fact is, I knew he is a honest person, but he is a great human being who expert in hiding the fact that it is not supposed to be delivered. He said he's on holiday in certain city, that's true. He said, he was so busy to assist a professor from overseas on the same city, that's true. He said, he is on seminar and learn something new on the same city, that's true. He said, he met his old friend on the same city, that's true. So, you saw the pattern, rite?

Yeah, the hidden fact about his pattern are the facts about he did all those activities on the same city and he didn't said he did all those activities with his loved one, someone that he claimed as his ex.
Maybe, he has in his own right to say something that he needs to spit out and to not say something that he think it needn't to. But, boys will be boys.

He is a honest person by saying the fact partially, but he keeps hiding the other fact. For me, it's something, it's interesting!

My hypothesis, this is his way to maintain all those ladies well.
But, I don't want to be his food reserves on his spider's web. So, I take a flight and say: bye bye, Bro.

I put him from a stranger to be a stranger, again. 
You might be think that I involved my feeling to this case, but it's not.
Just because I know this kind of person just coming to me when they feel so lonely, when they have no friends and no activity to do. So, he decided to kill some times to chit chat with a stranger, in this case, I help them to kill their time by chit chat with a person like me, a stranger, maybe someday to a person like you too.

I remember when he said that he was so busy and his project like a hell, but he enjoyed. But he still have some time to ask you any question to know you more, and he updated me any activities that he did.
Appreciate it? At that time yes, but, not anymore after I knew his pattern and don't mind when he's gone for a while or forever.

So, at this time, I knew that some people will say they are so busy and has no time to communicate with you, as an excuse, whether it's fact or just a lie. Let's say this as an excuse. It is only the way to tell you that you are not on their list as a priority person, indirectly, whether you realize it or not. All you have to do is accepting, cuz, you are nothing, but strangers.

By the way, after this is happening to my life, I'm deciding to take a flight, to let unimportant person to my life do anything he want with his own way as long as it's not irritated me, I knew a new strength of myself.
I knew that I love to read the patterns. And yes, I knew that we are all have patterns to do anything that we want to as well, and it is one of way to  learn any character from anyone.

It is the way for me to make it serious or just let it go. 

By reading the patterns, I can make a decision to make the next move and steps, so I hope you can learn the pattern too, because I believe everyone has a pattern to do a certain activity based on their uniqueness character, verbal and/or non-verbal.

I quoted this sentences from somewhere, "Busy person always say he is a busy person, and productive person not saying he is so busy, but we can see the result".

Actually, this video helps me to make a reflections to myself and to define what I have to do to be a productive person. The person that I mention above is out of topic about this content, but we can relate it with 'busy' and 'productive' term.



Paradox o me: We just need to realize that sometimes we used to decline someone's request or invitation by any reasons. It's an excuse tho!
Me too. I am not a perfect one. So, I did it sometimes, sometimes I feel guilty but sometimes it just a right answer and action to do.
So, what I am gonna say is: I'm so sorry~, if I ever said that I'm too busy to meet y'all. I don't mean it. But, maybe at that time you are not my priority tho. And yes, everybody has their own priority depends on their situation and condition.

My points is, we judged sometimes, but we better to see why they have to say those reasons to avoid us (?) Maybe there is something wrong with us or it's a better decision to do that they can think of at that time.

I also learnt from this experience that I need to be a better person and define what 'busy' and 'productive' are. So that, I can change my previous paradigm about 'busy' to be 'productive'. So, yeah... Let's start a productive life!

Yes, we are a productive person, aren't we?
Thanks for wasting your time and be unproductive one for an amount of time because of reading this article. lol

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