Sometimes, Life Was Just... Unique and Itchy

1:24 AM

Well yeah, instead of telling everyone that life is bitter, we better put ourselves to contemplate and say that life has its uniqueness and also makes us itchy sometimes.

We made mistakes. A lot. And repeated.
Even it happened again and again, we knew that what a dumb kiddo we are! But, a good thing, we learnt, we grew up.

We made mistakes. Say sorry all the time. And repeat all over again like we never did it before.
Even we're pretty sure they can forgive us eventually, we realized that what a useless person we are! But, a good thing, we learnt more, we grew up more.

We made mistakes. We scare. And run.
Even we knew the problem will never ever disappeared if we’re kept hiding in secret place and hopefully people will forget it anyway, we’ll find ourselves as the most coward mankind. At the end, all we need to do: face it like a man until it solved.
A good thing, we learnt more more, we grew up more more.

We aren’t a person with no sins. We are just human who made mistakes sometimes. We aren’t put those mistakes as an excuse to generalize and said, “It’s okay to do something wrong.” No, it isn’t!

We made those mistakes to keep it as part of our life and took it as the best lesson we learnt, so that it makes us a better man in the future. Hopefully.

Life’s bitter sometimes.
Nobody can feel it exactly, but us. What they feel is not necessarily the same as what we feel. 
Even they’ve said they put an empathy on us. Even they’ve said they put their shoes on our shoes. 
Our experience will never be the same as what they have been through. 
It can not be compared; can possibly be almost the same; but there is never exactly the same.
That’s why I said it is unique.

Sometimes, we demotivated, we depressed, we lost our direction, easily fooled, distracted by something we don’t really understand. Then, we put fully attention into it. 
Then, it consumed our energy, our dedication,  unconsciously we’re giving up our precious time to working on it.
And, ouch! We realized it’s totally meaningless. It’s how world wants us to work: Put a lot of attention into it, get distracted, focused on what we/others interested in, and forget about what is the meaning of balancing our life(?)

And yeah, it’s ultimately provoke intense itching.
Itchy, itchy, itchy and ready to get scratch, scratch, and scratch. 
Perhaps, we do not heal the old wounds. We’d rather choose to open a new wound with a new scratch and a new itch that is waiting for us to scratch until we make another new wound.

Oh dear, this life could be end just only by a blink of an eye. Why do we tend to be too ambitious and ultimately ignoring the real things that are important? We run for pursuing our need in this world.

Sometimes, life was just unique and itchy, but one thing, we might be realized that life is not only about wealth and the throne but also a matter of a balanced conscience and a life that comforts us both in the world and the hereafter. So, have you set your direction better? Tell me.

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