Typical Of Asian.

4:50 PM

Hello guys,

Time is changing and people's too. The only constant is change.

I'd love this video because it is what mostly people do in their life, is their daily activity.

How's people stance when they take some pictures, and how's people take their portrait and upload it into many social bookmarking or social media web page.

I am. yep frankly i am part of them, and i am part of that change. I feel so 'rempong' when taking my friend picture, or they'll said, "hey, who is the model and who is the photographer? why do you act like a model, you've just need to take a picture and don't make it blur." LOL

or always take my new picture when rise from my bed, after bathing or after trying a new clothes .

So, which one are you?

Tell me, buddy.

And... thanks for read it. yeay!

Don't forget to leave your footstep into comment box. :*

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