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this is not all my emotion, lot of fake from this...
but my heart is still true

i made it when i am really craving for a good guy who can lead me be better.
i eleminated lot of guys that can't tell why do they choose me as their girl?
now on, i'll be stronger. if you want to catch me just always be patient. I am TESTING you! and in the rite time, i'll be yours in the rite place and in the rite relations.

i am so BOMAT (bodo amat) because of my experiences.
boys is just like mmm.... TUBES OF LUST!
could you use your lust in the rite way?
appreciate girls by your habit and good attitude...

if you ask me about sex in the first you'll never be a special one in my mind...
just act and be yourself! i appreciate the proccess and your effort...

okay, ini curhatttt yaaaa jadinya...


akhir-akhir ini entah mengapa saya lebih peka terhadap yang "halus", mungkin saat lebaran sanak saudara yang telah tiada sedang berkunjung dan membawa pesan o.O

well, i've just wanna be workaholic till you catch me and make me sure that you are the one.
now, i dunno who you are and i always pray for you...
may Allah SWT always be your side...AMIN

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