(ikhtiar semoga membawa berkah) Are You Dislike Chocolate? Ah, so fool yaaa! :x

3:52 PM

 You Know What? Chocolate has pheromon compound that can make you happier while you're mood so drop. I know this from the book titled "Chemistery Love".
Chocolate is like Heart. It can Melt. It can so sweet. It can bitter, sometimes. It has a lot of color like your heart condition.

Chocolate has a lot of sensation. Blue like bublegum. Yellow like banana. Green like mint and dark green is like melon. pink like strawberry. white is so vanilla. orange like orange, and many more.

you give chocolate to someone you love as symbol that she/he has special for you.
you eat chocolate for enjoy yourself anywhere, anytime. 

So, here it is chocolate handmade by my sister.
in carefulness she make chocolate as creature of her hobby...

You wanna see it?
Here it is!

Catalog Agustus 2011-masih merintis nih guys!

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